Our Youth Group meets on Sunday evenings to play ridiculous games, laugh, learn, and worship. We are an uncommon group of young people united by the love of Jesus.

Our hope and prayer is that the youth group would be a safe place. In the midst of a dangerous world, Christ has called a body of people together to reflect his image through honest relationships, compassionate care, self-sacrificing love, and unconditional grace. He has created his Church to be a safe place for all of us. We seek to foster an environment that is safe in the following ways:


Safe Spiritually: Many young adults leave the Church because they have experienced spiritual abuse. Charismatic youth pastors can cause extraordinary damage by hammering kids with guilt, cultivating judgmental environments, and uttering falsehoods in the name of God. We hope to avoid all of this mess by sharing the real gospel of God’s one-way love for us in Christ. In our weekly youth group meetings we will not be telling students what they need to do to be better people; we will be teaching them about a Christ who loves them just as they are.


Safe Emotionally: We are committed to making the youth group a place where students don’t need to fight to be accepted and loved. We want to cultivate an atmosphere of mutual respect, kindness, and love.


Safe Physically: We follow best practices to protect our kids from emotional and/or sexual abuse. All adult volunteers are required to receive PA Child Abuse Safety Clearances and undergo Ministry Safe abuse prevention training. We have accountability structures in place for all adult volunteers (including myself) to ensure that students are safe when they are at Youth Group.


Feel free to contact Yolanda Blake (yblake.trinitywashpa@gmail.com) with any questions.